I was going to write a blog, but ….


Sometimes when you issue a press release,  you need to blog about it to make sure everyone understands the significance of the moment and the news.   In this case, Calxeda announced  that Fedora had chosen and installed Calxeda-based Boston Viridis clusters (96 nodes) to equip the Fedora community with production ARM servers. This is their shiny new build environment…  So, I was going to blog about it, but then read Charlie Demerjian’s article in SemiAccurate.  ’nuff said.  You nailed it, Charlie. Thanks!



  1. […] has released ARM and x86 support simultaneously.  This was made possible, in part, thanks to a Boston Viridis build-farm installed earlier this year.  ARM support is now available in media and installer images for TI OMAP4, […]

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