LIVE from Computex in Taipei!

Computex 2012 in Taipei, TaiwanComputex is one of the world’s largest technology events held every year.  This year the conference is expected to draw over 36,000 attendees to its multiple exhibit halls across the entire city of Taipei.  We didn’t want to miss out on the action, especially given Calxeda’s recent announcement launching our local presence in the region, so we have a team here in Taipei.

We’re here both to support our partners and also give attendees an in-person view of a live system running similar demos from the announcement last month at UDS.

If you’re interested in following us during this week, click the read more link to get more detailed updates throughout this week!

Or better yet, if you’re one of the lucky ones here in Taipei with us this week, let us know and swing by to say hello!

Monday (June 4): This past Monday, we were honored to present at the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) workshop dedicated to promoting innovation for Low-Powered Data Center Solutions.  Multiple vendors were there to share their solutions at addressing the particular market.  From silicon companies like AMD, Applied Micro, and Calxeda, to system companies like Dell and Mitac, to software folks like ITRI (they built their own para-virtualization solution for ARM Cortex-A9!), Virtual Open Systems (they have been working on KVM hypervisor support for ARM Cortex-A15) and our good friends at Canonical (with special guest appearance by Mark Shuttleworth), it was great to see an ecosystem of players rallying together to focus on data center efficiency.  The folks at ITRI were very generous in hosting us and are clearly leading the way, not only in Asia, but in the world, in demanding the industry to change the status quo.

Tuesday (June 5): Computex Day 1 kicked off with a bang.  We had our demo up and running in ARM’s private suite in the Grand Hyatt hotel (Suite #1020 if you happen to be in Taipei).  Here’s the nice setup they afforded us.  (It was also awesome to be in a room with 20-30 brand new mobile device platforms, all powered by ARM processors, naturally.  We love gadgets!)

Calxeda Demo in ARM suite at Computex 2012

We’re headed out for Day 2, but check out this blog post for more updates throughout the week.


  1. Really love this system….totally different with x86 server structure….


  1. […] we’re smack in the middle of tradeshow and conference season for the IT industry. We were at Computex in Taipei two weeks ago, and this week we’re participating in International Supercomputing in Hamburg, […]

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