The World’s First 130 Watt Server Cluster

Boston Viridis Power Optimized Server Cluster Based on Calxeda EnergyCore

Calxeda’s approach to driving power optimization in the datacenter goes well beyond the processor.  We focus on enabling our partners to achieve rack level power efficiency based on our technology. Last week, Boston Limited announced their 2U Viridis platform with 24 Calxeda EnergyCore(TM) server nodes, 96GB of memory, and 6TB storage is measuring 130W “at the wall”. This equates to just 5.5W of power per server inclusive of memory, disk and chassis-level overhead.  At a fraction of the power of a traditional x86 server node, the Viridis server cluster based on Calxeda EnergyCore will allow datacenter operators to experience an order of magnitude improvement in efficiency.  Said another way,  this platform can power 24 quad-core servers, with 24 SSDs and 96 GB DRAM for about the same or less power consumption as a single low-end two-socket x86 server. So long as the 24 servers can get more work done than the single x86 server for the targeted workload like web serving,  it will substantially reduce datacenter power.

If you would like to see these power efficiency enhancements in person, come see the Boston Viridis featured at ARM TechCon 2012 in Santa Clara next week in both the ARM and Canonical booths.

Here is a video of David Borland, Calxeda Co-Founder and VP of Hardware, discussing the Boston Viridis power enhancements and the innovative chassis-level optimizations that our engineering teams worked together to achieve.


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    The World’s First 130 Watt Server Cluster…

    Gina Longoria Oct 25, 2012 Calxeda’s approach to driving power optimization in the datacenter…

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