Happy Birthday, EnergyCore!

One year of EnergyCore technology

Calxeda introduced its patented EnergyCore technology to the marketplace one year ago last week. In the year since, we have continued to work hard with our ISV and OEM partners to expand the ARM server ecosystem and bring systems to market, and we are pleased with the progress that’s been made.

Five companies now provide EnergyCore-based systems: HP, Boston Ltd., Dell, Penguin Computing, and System Fabric Works. We work closely with our partners to optimize EnergyCore technology for each specific application: we recently detailed how we worked with Boston Ltd. to power-optimize the Viridis system, creating the world’s first 130 W server cluster (24 EnergyCore nodes with 96 GB of memory and 6 TB of storage)–that’s just 5.5 W per complete server. Benchmarks including recent releases from Phoronix have demonstrated that Calxeda systems achieve the promised performance levels, resulting in significant potential TCO savings over incumbent x86 solutions.

In the last year, we also have been pleased to collaborate with our partners to support industry initiatives that advance the adoption of ARM server technology, including OpenStack’s TryStack ARM Zone and the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). These programs are important to the open source community and will help further the adoption of ARM servers.

We are honored to be recognized for our efforts: Calxeda was named one of the Wall Street Journal’s Top 10 Venture Green Companies and listed as one of Business Insider’s 10 Most Disruptive Enterprise Tech Companies. Calxeda was an EETimes/EDN ACE Awards finalist this year, and CEO Barry Evans was nominated as E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year.

And to help us pay bills and invest in the future, we recently closed $55M in additional funding with the continued support of our existing investors plus the addition of Austin Ventures and Vulcan Capital. We are looking to the future and recently described our plans for the next generation of our innovative technology using ARM’s Cortex-A50 series 64-bit cores, which we announced at ARM TechCon last week.

All in all, it’s been a great year, and the momentum continues to grow. Happy Birthday, EnergyCore! The ARM revolution definitely has begun.


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