For easy access to Calxeda technology, check out “Arm as a Service” from Boston Ltd. and Breeze

From Boston Ltd. Website:

Boston releases world’s first commercially available ARM as a ‘Service’

05 March 2013    Source: In House


Hannover, Germany (March 5, 2013). Boston Limited, a leading manufacturer of high performance, low-powered server, virtualisation, storage and cloud solutions, is proud to unveil its ARM-as-a-Service (AaaS), powered by Breeze and ARM®, at CeBIT 2013. For more information and a live hardware demonstration please visit Boston at Hall 2, #A39, Hannover Exhibition Grounds.

Powered by one of the industry’s most disruptive technologies, the Boston AaaS is the world’s first commercially available cloud offering, based on the Calxeda® EnergyCore® ARM-based processor technology. The Boston AaaS is a platform which provides developers with all the tools and services required to port and migrate software to the ARM platform. Built specifically to assist in migrating and porting applications from X86 to ARM, Boston have teamed up with software developers Ellexus for their product Breeze, a choice of product also made by ARM to profile and troubleshoot applications on their own HPC cluster.

Breeze is a novel technology for tracing programs as they run in order to monitor file dependencies and environment settings. Its offers a unique visibility into the inner workings of complex scripted flows such as those used in semiconductor design or complex software builds. Breeze helps IT managers, tool vendors and users to communicate and solve problems more quickly.

“We’ve been working with ARM for 18 months and we are now extremely excited to be partnering up with one of the stand-out front-runners in the ARM-based server ecosystem, Boston Ltd. We understand the hardware constraints that many software developers will face in trying to enter the ARM environment and Boston’s cloud offering provides a fantastic opportunity for those wanting to future-proof their applications as more and more users move over to ARM technology.” Says Dr. Rosemary Francis, Managing Director of Ellexus Ltd.

Boston’s ARM-based servers, the industry renowned Viridis Microservers, are built on ultra-low power System-on-Chips from US-based hardware manufacturer, Calxeda. Boston was the first company in the world to launch server grade ARM products when the Viridis was launched in 2012 and this cloud offering continues this momentum, establishing Boston as one of the leaders in ARM server based products and services.

“There is tremendous demand for easy access to ARM server technology, so the time is ripe for AaaS,” says Karl Freund, VP Marketing, Calxeda, Inc. “We are thrilled to see Boston and Ellexus stand up this service to provide cloud-based access to engineers to build and optimize their server codes for ARM.”

Boston’s ‘ARM-as-a-Service’ delivers dedicated physical quad-core nodes as opposed to virtual CPUs like the majority of conventional cloud offerings. Users will be able to develop on single nodes or test scaling capabilities of applications across multiple nodes within the cluster. Users will be able to choose from varying levels of software and professional services to assist in their migration.

“The Boston cloud is the ultimate resource for application and software developers looking to port their software on to ARM. Our platform provides all the tools to facilitate porting software to ARM in one easy to use cloud offering. There are also a range of training videos and professional services available for users looking to fast-track their migration to ARM” says Boston’s Head of HPC, David Power.


  1. Karl Freund says:

    So, a very large Arm as a Service would be called a ….. 😉

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