HostingCon 2013: See InterWorx Control Panel running on EnergyCore at the Calxeda booth

interworxHostingCon 2013 is right around the corner, so I’d like to give everyone a preview of the work that our partner InterWorx has done to get their control panel and clustering technology running on our gear. Ever since the spike in interest from World Hosting Days back in March, we’ve been working hard to enable hosting providers to create Calxeda-based offerings. A key part of that is the hosting control panel, and we’re pleased to be working with InterWorx on creating the first control panel compatible with ARM servers. With just a little bit of elbow grease, we’ve gotten the InterWorx control panel and clustering technology to run on one of our 24-node systems. We’ll be showing a live demo at HostingCon next week, so drop by the Calxeda booth (#905) to talk to us and the InterWorx team.

The InterWorx Control Panel is a modern web hosting and linux server management system that provides tools for system admins to command their servers and for end users to oversee the operations of their website. Using the RedSleeve distribution of Linux and one of Calxeda’s 24-server systems, the InterWorx team is now able to launch their software in a 24-node ARM cluster (screenshot below). As you’ll see in next week’s demo, we’re able to show off the functionality of the InterWorx control panels on Calxeda hardware as well as load balancing across the system using their clustering technology. Following HostingCon, we’re looking forward to continuing our work with InterWorx so that ARM support becomes part of their regular offerings.


ARM servers are a great fit for the hosting space, so adding a control panel to the list is a huge step forward for Calxeda and the entire ARM community. Overall, EnergyCore-based servers can provide benefits to hosting providers and customers that are not possible with other designs today. Here are a few points to think about as you’re walking the floors of HostingCon next week:

  • ARM servers provide the guarantees of a dedicated server with VPS economics.

With quad-core processors and 4GB of memory (that number is increasing very soon!), users get the guaranteed performance of an entry dedicated server, while the low power and high density of an ARM SOC allows hosting providers to deploy more servers per rack with smaller power circuits to lower operating costs.

  • Most software “just works” on ARM.

Web applications built on LAMP work out of the box on ARM today and in many cases native code applications just need a recompile or reconfiguration; no code porting necessary. Fedora, Ubuntu, and OpenSUSE distributions are officially supported and the remaining LAMP components are not only fully functional, but are regularly getting optimizations for ARM. As additional applications expand to support ARM, like the work InterWorx is doing, the jump to ARM is getting easier every day.

  • We provide a smaller failure domain for web hosting.

Web hosting on many small servers vs. one large server reduces the blast radius of a server failure and minimizes the impact of a usage spike from other customers sharing the same server. This can improve the SLA for the end customer and make delivering to that SLA much easier for the provider.

The benefits to hosting are real and the ARM architecture for servers is here to stay. Thanks to a little effort from InterWorx and Redsleeve, we’ve shown that you can get a production product like InterWorx Control Panel running on Calxeda hardware with only a couple of days worth of effort. Both the Calxeda and InterWorx teams will be at HostingCon booth 905 next week, so stop by and check out what we’ve been working on.


  1. Please make a video of this and maybe show us it working! Very interested!

  2. marcpope says:

    Please make a video of this… sounds QUITE interesting!

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