I’m Baaaaccckkkkk!!!! (And just in time, too!)

Last week,as followers on LinkedIN may know,  I left AMD after a 16 month stint leading the strategy and marketing efforts for Servers (ARM and X86),  and more recently as GM for HPC.  Now that I am unemployed, I am free (within reason) to speak out again on whatever pops into my bald head, so get ready too rumble.

Karl at CastAt AMD, the latter (HPC) gig was a blast, while the former,  well, not so much. The AMD HPC strategy was picked up by the media and will be a hot topic at SC’15.  In the realm of the server, AMD’s market share continues to plummet as they await both the production ARM Seattle part as well as the Xen-based next gen X86.  Meanwhile. there’s not much to sell and market!  More to come on both of these topics (although don’t expect any disclosures of a confidential nature!).

Meanwhile, ARM TechCon is only a few weeks away, followed by SC’15 in Austin (My Home Town!).  I will attend both,  so ping me at Karl.Freund@gmail.com if you would like to get together at either event!  I’ve been known to frequent the fine dining and drinking establishments around Austin and can show you a good time.

So, if anyone is still out there looking for an alternative to Xeon for their server apps, keep checking in here.   I will restart my blogging here and hope someone is listening!!!

Ciao for Niao!

Karl , Chief Explorer

RUFN (Retired Until Further Notice)

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